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Body and Mind Wellness for all Ages

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Body and Mind Wellness for Everyone

Welcome to BM Wellness and I hope you enjoy learning and making great choices when it comes to your body and mind health.

A Healthy Body and Mind makes you feel wonderful and although getting the balance can be tricky, BM Wellness hopes to help YOU, when it comes to your body and mind.

My passion and purpose are to help people from all around the globe learn which products to use, what techniques can help and what to be aware of before you buy products or treatments through reviews and articles we write.


People all over the world are challenged by health issues with their bodies and minds and here at BM Wellness, We are all about helping people live healthier lives, by sharing products and natural therapies to help you with less pain, more movement, a clearer mind, easier concentration, able to do more physically and it doesn’t matter what age you are, BM Wellness caters for every age.

My mission

is to help people live life feeling healthier and happier and as the site grows, there will be loads of great information, excellent product recommendations and I am also hoping to open a forum on here as well so people can share experiences from products and exercises and other helpful conversations plus enjoyable connections along the way.

Having balance in your life is vital for good health and so often today people neglect their body and mind when it needs help.

People with the onset of an illness, people who are recovering from illness, need help to become healthy again.

Your skin is the cover for your body.

Do you nourish it properly?

Do you drink enough water?

Do you use Excellent supplements?

BM Wellness is Here for You

Head to Toe

I have done loads of in-depth research, connected with some excellent companies and through this research have found 100’s of products for many different ailments.

Hair and Skin products, exercise equipment, food, and supplements, plus alternative therapies that can help remove blocks, overcome challenging thoughts and lots more and I am excited about everything I am doing.

If you would like a free consultation please email and I will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark our site so you can visit regularly to see what’s going on here at the BM Wellness centre.


I look forward to connecting with you and I will be adding new posts regularly on many different subjects and of course, I will be adding product reviews on lots of excellent products

BM Wellness is all about Head to Toe Health

Until next time

Go well

Vicki Crawford

Vicki Crawford






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20 thoughts on “Body and Mind Wellness for all Ages”

  1. This is a very nice one and I am very happy that I have found your website. I am very impressed that you said you have done so much researand also collaborated with some companies to get great products to help with different health issues. Your niche is a very great one and I will bookmark this post, just like you have said because I really want a healthy life and it seems you have so much help to render. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this great introduction.

    I have to admit that I’m getting a late start but, until now, I just haven’t given much thought to my general health and wellness.  That’s an error in my part.

    Still, I have to start at some point and the sooner the better.

    I’m looking forward to see what you post down the line.  If you need to target a specific demographic, I’ll just toss my hat into the ring:

    I’m a 43 year old male with questionable eating habits and no real exercise program.  I’m all for the easy solutions although I question if they really exist.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott

      Never too late to start looking after yourself and I look forward to you visiting to get more knowledge on health and wellness as we want you around for a long time yet 🙂

  3. I love the look and feel of your site – Being a herbalist, I am all about natural healing and wellness! I am looking forward to browsing all the topics and products you will be adding in the future.

    I will definitely bookmark your page and check back periodically so I am sure to catch each new post. Best of luck and success!

    • Sounds great Shan and good on you for being a herbalist- Some great remedies using herbs and I have a garden filled with them for all sorts of things including adding them to meals

      I look forward to connecting with you

  4. Seems to me like I will be frequenting your website seeing that there are so many products that have been well researched. I might also have a question or two to ask along the way as well so I hope you will be on deck to help me with it. I will bookmark your post. Thanks!

  5. A good healthy diet, along with consistent exercise is ‘key’ for good, long healthy living. It’s puzzling to me why so many Americans don’t take care of themselves and wonder why they get sick at an early age? These ‘Keto’ or mediterranean foods, over the years, has always been the best way to go for the healthy dieters. Being obese isn’t going to cut it in a society which focuses on long and healthy living.  

    • Yes, good food and exercise can help but it’s not always the cure as many people suffer from all kinds of ailments

      Often people struggle with self-control and with all the fast food available it is no wonder people are obese. It is not just the USA- it is worldwide!!!

      I hope through our site we are able to help a lot of people

  6. Vicki, for starters, I love the photo you used to demonstrate balance. I had to study it for a while. That must have been tricky, getting those rocks to balance on such an irregular surface.

    And so are we, irregular, and much in need of balance. If you can help us with that most important issue, great — you will indeed be offering a great service. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have unearthed in your research.

    You are off to a good start.

    • Absolutely, Fran and if our body and mind is balanced we function so well and great things can be achieved.
      I know you understand this so well with all you have done in your wonderful and adventurous life so far.
      For people reading this post, please go visit Frans site about her adventures in Alaska

  7. Oh, Wow,
    This website is awesome. I have bookmarked your website too.
    Thank you. How lovely I can contact you personally too.
    I am not getting any younger that’s for sure so taking more care of myself is needed more than ever.
    Thank you for such an awesome website. I love it.

    • Hi Debs
      Thanks so much for visiting hunnie and thanks for your lovely input today
      Yes, I’m 61 and my body needs love so natural healing and good exercise tools are essential
      Thanks for stopping by my friend
      Be well

  8. Good Morning Vicki,

    I love this slogan, from head to toe health. As everything is related it is not really of any use to heal one part and not look at the rest too. Body, Mind, and Spirit all need to be in balance to become a happy, good, and healthy human being.
    I am a fan of CBD and have used it for my animals too. When Cindy was sick I had distant healing for her.
    I wish you lots of success with your website, the world needs websites like yours.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske
      Thank you for visiting and also for the wonderful comment.
      I am glad you enjoy CBD and also animals. CBD is wonderful and is going to be a multi billion industry as more and more people steer away from drugs- YAY!!!!!!
      Go well and again Thank you

    • Hello Taetske and thanks for your visit to this site and also for your really great comment
      I am so glad you have found cbd products working for you and your animals
      Amazing doing it naturally without side effects and ongoing illness caused by drugs
      Go well and please visit for more posts


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