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Buddha Groove – Healing Love and Light

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I am so excited to bring you this post today because I love this place called Buddha Groove and have spent loads of time on the site enjoying so many of the wonderful products on offer.

The quality is excellent and the products are authentic and this makes me so happy to share Buddha Groove with you and I hope you enjoy what I am going to share.


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With all the stress life can bring to you it is a good idea to learn how to calm your mind and bring yourself to stillness and by learning meditation, you can achieve stillness of your mind and body giving it a chance to rebalance, giving you peace and clarity after a meditation session and helping you with everyday stress life brings.

Buddha Groove has some really awesome products for meditation so click on the image below to go check them out and enjoy the serenity meditation brings to your life.

bell gong

Tibetan Bell Gong for Meditation

Bathroom Delights

At Buddha Groove they have the most beautiful soaps, bath oils and Himalayan salts plus loads of goodies for your face including, Ayurvedic Rosehip oil which is divine and so good for your skin.

Buddha Groove

Healing Crystals

Dazzling Pyrite Gemstone Obelisk

For as long as time has been crystals have been used for healing and at Buddha Groove you can learn what to use and how to use crystals as part of your healing journey.

I remember a few years ago I had a house plant that wasn’t doing that great and I placed a small piece of amethyst in the pot and the plant loved it and began to look so much healthier after a few days and the amazing thing was, when I placed the crystal away from the light, this is the way the plant grew. Very powerful healing for my house plant.

I also carry a piece of rose quartz on my person in a pocket and I really do feel this quartz keeps me more level and calm when I am going out to speak in public or need to attend a meeting. Worth a try that’s for sure.

Gemstone Healing Charm Pendants


From meditating Garden frogs to jewellery, blessing cards and so much more I love what Buddha Groove offers to help people with their inner journey to inner and outer peace.

Meditation Cushions

Smudge Sticks

At Buddha Groove, there are also smudge sticks for cleansing your home and these are gorgeous all-natural herbal sticks ready for you to use in your home.

I always use smudge sticks after people have been to visit as it clears energy and rebalances and gives my home a feeling of newness and freshness which is needed sometimes when people who visit are not in such a great place emotionally.

smudhe stick

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I also suggest to my clients that they too use smudge sticks in their home to clear stale energies and smells and often they ring me telling me how different their home feels once they have finished smudging. Lavender, Sage and other delightful herbs go into the making of smudge sticks and these essential oils are distributed into the home, by smudging.


japanese matcha tea making

Japanese Matcha Tea Making set

From Matcha tea making sets, garden sculptures to jewellery and loads more, Buddha Groove is the place to shop to get all kinds of gorgeous gifts for people you care about and Buddha Grooves range of products is the best. I love visiting them and getting some absolutely gorgeous treasures for friends and loved ones plus for my home of course and I know you will enjoy looking around there.


Buddha Groove Jewelry

Men’s and Women’s Rings, bracelets, pendants all made with love. They have something for everyone and I have to share some of my favourites with you.

They have a ring with “This too shall pass” which is one of my all-time favourite things from Buddha Groove as it tells it how it is for all of us.

No matter what we go through in life, “this too will pass”, whether it’s good-bad, hot, cold, windy, stormy, sunny, happy or sad everything passes in time and “this too will pass worn on your body reminds us that nothing is set in stone and this too will pass.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment to share your thoughts on this as I’d really love to know what you are feeling about “this too shall pass”


I could write for hours and show you everything Buddha Groove has to offer you but I have shared some of my favourites with you today so go take a look for yourself and I hope you enjoy visiting Buddha Groove as much as I do.

For gifts, personal well being, helping a friend, learning how to …. or just love beautiful things that are different and made from very high-quality materials, Buddha Groove is the place to go to.

I love receiving gifts that are different and filled will love and when you visit Buddha Groove, you will see what I mean if you haven’t already of course.

This is one of my all-time favourite places to shop and the prices are great as well and affordable which is so good and with the holiday season approaching, you might just find some real treasures there to gift to people you love, not to mention a wee something special for yourself.

In closing today I thank you for visiting and reading this post and please do me a favour and leave a comment in the comments section below and of course, join our mailing list for latest updates

I promise never to spam you with junk as this is not how I operate my business

Go well and until next time

Peace, love and light to you all


Vicki Crawford






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Thank you so much 🙂 Enjoy every day in every way possible for you.

16 thoughts on “Buddha Groove – Healing Love and Light”

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! I was at a friend’s house and they had some of the bathroom products from Buddha Groove and told me they got them from here. I had no idea all of the other products they had available. This seems like it will be perfect to relax with after a long day at work. Thank you so much for sharing them! 

    • Glad you stopped by Travis and I hope you too add some of these gorgeous products to your home and of course bathroom

      Also, the smudge sticks to cleanse and purify will bring calmness as well

      Love and light in all you do

  2. Really love your post as I am into  all the stuff you have mentioned here. I am yet to use crystals and haven’t really heard of the smudge sticks before, but i also know that ‘whatever you believe is true for you’ so I have a knowing they would be a wonderful asset to my little pad. This to shall pass, what a great idea for a ring, that is such a wonderful reminder. I’ve often thought of getting that tattooed on my forehead( only joking), the ring is a much better option.

    Thanks so much


    • Hi Paul

      Yes I love “This too shall pass” and the ring is gorgeous and better than the tattoo idea lol

      I hope you come back to BM Wellness to share what you buy

      Go well and love and light

  3. Needless do I say that Buddha groove is really an awesome place of great artifacts and healing. I would really lobe to explore this place especially to get access to most products directly rather than buy most duplicated ones. The place is of great cultural heritage and a place of healing. Hence. It would only be worthy to visit and respect. Thanks so much for sharing all of these. Thumbs up for shating

  4. Hi, Vicki.
    Thanks for sharing the review of Buddha Groove. I checked all the items which seem to be too pure and having positive vibes. I liked the Smudge Sticks as anything touching the senses physically makes us calm from deep within. There are times when I pass through the home of an unknown person and there is that soothing smell coming out of their house makes me so happy that I bless that person from the core of my heart. I am going to be part of Buddha Groove – thanks.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Blessing Gaurav and I hope you enjoy all you buy

      Yes, the smudge sticks are gorgeous and bring a real sense of calm to the home- Let me know what you think when you use them

  5. What a fun store. I can tell you REALLY do love the products, and have obviously seen the benefits from them as well. I have never heard of most of these products, so I will have to do some more research on how, why, and when to use them. You energy and excitement shows through your writing! Keep on doing what you do!

    • Hi Mary
      Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy visiting Buddha Groove as much as I do. So many gorgeous items. I especially the Himalayan Salts as they are so good for your body. 1 large spoonful in a bath and rest in there for 10 minutes to feel amazing

  6. THe budha groove has some pure healing and beautiful products that are in the purest form. Though there are many duplicates around but the right ones are always available too. Hence, this is great and I will be thrilled to give a trial to most of these. Thanks so much for sharing all these here.

    • Glad you stopped by Ramos and yes authentic is always better so enjoy your shopping and I hope those you gift to will love their presents

  7. This Budha groove is like an abode of everything good to heal us and create a mood that is above the level of just the ordinary. Very great information and I am very willing to try most of these products out. I have always fancied the jewelries that comes from the Budha groove and also the healing crystal. They have the blend of beauty and aura of healing and magic. Good one

  8. A good post that I actually enjoyed myself reading on. For what i worth, this is a great post and I will actually be thrilled to invest my money and time to getting sorted out about me. Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity to access all these beauties from the Budha groove. Though I have only visited groove once but we never bought anything, it was offered for free to us. 


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