Persona Nutrition- Why is this Company Highly Recommended?

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Welcome to Body and Mind Wellness. Today’s post is about Persona Nutrition and Why this company comes highly recommended.

Health and Wellness is a huge topic all over the world with more and more people taking note, that their body needs a little extra help sometimes, but who do you trust?

I have been researching products and companies for a long time now and I am really happy to be sharing this post about Persona Nutrition with you so let’s get into it in more detail now.

Who is Persona Nutrition?

persona logo

A relatively young company founded in 2016, Persona has taken Health and Wellness to a new level. With over 20 years of experience in Health and Wellness, the founders below and the team at Persona give you excellent service and excellent products.

Persona founders image

This company is different from other companies offering personalised service to each person before they go shopping for products.

What do they offer?

A while ago I went to Persona and did the personal health assessment, thinking at the time, Persona will most likely tell me to spend a lot of money and I did the assessment and was absolutely taken aback when I was recommended $39 worth of product.

I did the assessment correctly and I appreciated the honesty of this company and I will tell you this, what I bought has really helped me so much.

When you go to their website you will see a button on the site that looks like this one below.

assessment image

It asks questions and you choose your answers and it is very thorough as well and gives you the chance to share all your ailments. When it is complete the assessment is also completed and the recommendations are given to suit your individual needs.

A Nutritional and a Medical Advisory board are working close at hand to ensure you get excellent quality products and I hope you enjoy doing your assessment.

(As with any dietary supplement, you should advise your healthcare practitioner of the use of this product.)

Vitamin Packs Designed with Purity,
Transparency & Highest Bioavailability

quality algorithm

All vitamins and supplements adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices. The best nutrition starts with pure ingredients. Persona provides you with the transparency you deserve about sourcing, manufacturing and testing.

I was so happy to see how stringent Persona is with Purity, Quality, and the fact that each person who buys products from the assessment, gets personalized dosage packs to take each day.

They also have Doctor approved Bariatric Vitamins for anyone who has had this type of surgery. Again another assessment is needed when you arrive at the site to assist you to obtain the correct supplement.

When you go to the products section at Persona, you can also choose to click in an issue you have and go straight to the supplements relating to your ailment.

Concern ailment image

How much does it cost?

Everyone is different of course however looking through the products, most of them range anywhere from 12 cents per day to $2 per day depending on which ones you need and for me, this was so great as it is not expensive to keep myself well.




A Nutritionist Scholarship and also a Registered Dietician Scholarship is offered at Persona, so if you want to take your knowledge to the next level and become qualified, now is the time to apply with Persona.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • be a United States citizen aged 18 years or over.
  • have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • be actively enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two- or four-year college university or vocational school for the entire current academic year.
  • not be an employee or immediate family member of Persona or any of its affiliates.

There is more to read and I suggest you go to Persona’s site to get all the details you need to go through the application and all the best to you along the way.

Vitamin Angels

2 children

Persona also has Vitamin Angels which helps children in over 74 countries around the world and every time you purchase products, you will also be helping to give children the vitamins they need for eye, body and immune health. Children need vitamin A and Persona’s customers have helped over 322,000 children.

What an incredible thing to do and I hope you can help your body by buying excellent personalised supplements too and I hope you come back here to share your story or email me as I would love to know how you are feeling once you get started with your own plan after you have done your assessment.


hand with money

Persona also offers a really great bonus to you as a customer. All you need to do is refer people you know need help with supplements and you will receive $25 when they join Persona and $25 after their 1st purchase which may mean you get a large discount on products when you purchase for yourself.

Persona Nutrition is such a great company, with high quality, rigorously tested products and it has a real family feel when you become part of Persona.


I rate Persona Nutrition 9/10 and highly recommend this company for all the reasons above.

In today’s fast-moving pace, people like you and I miss out on all the goodness needed to stay healthy and when your body is not running well, your mind is also affected and you are more likely to suffer from other ailments associated with having a lack of the important vitamins and minerals in your body so please click here to go take the personal assessment so you can give your body what it deserves and needs.

If you have questions, you can contact the qualified nutritionists at Persona via chat or email as the team there are happy to help you with your supplemental needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you have gained enough information from this post to help you and I also look forward to you commenting below.

Living healthy inside and out is what Body and Mind Wellness is all about and I will be adding new posts regularly to the site so please join our mailing list to keep up to dates with the latest posts.

I promise I will not send you junk or spam and I am here to help not hinder you.

Go well and until next time

Vicki Crawford


Vicki Crawford signing out

Owner of Body and Mind Wellness




P.S. As with any dietary supplement, you should advise your healthcare practitioner of the use of this product.

10 thoughts on “Persona Nutrition- Why is this Company Highly Recommended?”

  1. I just read the article and I liked the fact that I will only answer questions online and get the treatment I need. Without a visit to the doctor, without making time for such a visit. So I did the test and, my surprise was that my whole treatment cost me $ 1.86 per day. That seems to me to be fine in order to adjust my problems with my health.

    • How great Irina and I hope you get some real benefits from taking your personal recommendation from Persona

      Go well and let me know how you get on

  2. It is really great that they do an assessment first before shoving you supplements immediately. I will also feel confident knowing that the assessment will best determine what I require. It is also very considerate of them to explore any possible scenario with your health issue first so that they recommend the best supplement. I also think Persona’s price point is very fair. Great review.

    • Hi Carole

      Yes, I really enjoyed sharing this company as I feel they are excellent in all they provide people and I thank you for your input today

  3. Hello Vicki, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I did not hear about Persona Nutrition so far but I am glad I found it now, I see it has many benefits for our health. I also see they have a scholarship, maybe my cousin would be interested as she lives in the USA, she like everything related to a healthy life so I am sure he will like this.

  4. I just did the assessment as you did and I was surprised that they suggested legitimate things. I didn’t feel like they were trying to rip me off. I was very pleased with the Persona Nutrition website. They seem to have good products. I like that they offer a bonus program to their customers. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Excellent information, I like the idea that you take an assessment to see what you need, since we are all different. Seems like it is not too expensive, and takes all the guess work out of it and tells you exactly what you will need and what to take. Add to that an opportunity to make money by referring other people and I cannot think of a reason not to do this! Thank you for this review!


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