So Alpha Exercise Ball – Is it suitable for everyone?

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What will using an Exercise Ball do for your Body?

so alpha exercise ball

When it comes to exercise there are loads of choices for you about what to use, how effective it will be and how hard it will be on your body.

I’m 61 years young and no matter what age you are when it comes to the so alpha exercise ball, I feel 100% happy sharing this review with you.

I have one of these balls and love, love, love it.

Some exercises are hard on the body and some people like myself prefer a more gentle way of keeping fit and keeping our bodies in good shape and I use the Soalpha exercise ball.

So let’s look at how it can help you with your exercise plans.

Why choose a Soalpha ball?

Firstly, the Soalpha ball comes is easy to inflate, is made of extremely strong PVC and is extremely durable. It comes with the added bonus of having high-quality Resistance bands for those extra effort moments you may want as you become stronger and fitter.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The so alpha ball carries weights up to 600lbs and you can get an amazing workout without ever going to the gym!

Get a full-body workout – chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs, and abs – from the comfort of your own home using this revolutionary exercise ball with the stable base and resistance bands bundle.

It also has a stability ring so you can move with rolling out of position and this makes the ball safer as well and if you are pregnant this ball will be excellent for you to use to keep fit and we all know fitness is a key to a good pregnancy.


Instead of sitting or laying on the couch to watch television, try sitting on your ball and moving in one spot while you enjoy your programs.

Enjoying television is a great way to relax but imagine getting fit while you are relaxing in front of your tv. Very cool and so good for you.

Not only great for yoga, pilates and upper/lower body training; it’s ideal for pregnancy and physical therapy exercises too. Can be used as an office ball chair to fix your posture & reduce back pain while you are working on the computer.

I often sit on mine at the dinner table and while I am writing blog posts and I feel so much better than I would be sitting on a chair for hours. I move forward, back, sideways and stretch as well and I feel refreshed after each set of movements.

What does a so alpha ball cost?

Around $39-99 and if you use this discount code you may get a further 10% discount when you purchase a Soalpha ball.

Click here for more details. Try using these codes to see if you qualify for 10% off. AMZHGB10 or P87A4HB2. I’m not sure how long this offer stands but it is worth trying and for $39.99 it is a really great price without the discount.

Tone your entire body

soalpha ball


TONE YOUR ENTIRE BODY! Versatile removable resistance bands allow you to work out your entire body with over 100 custom workouts.

Watch our videos online showing each of the 100 recommended workouts!


The So Alpha Ball comes with a 4 Star rating and I suggest you buy a fitness workout poster to use as your guide to the exercises you want to do for certain areas of your body that need work.

Mine is my stomach so this is my main area of focus when I do my workout and the difference to my muscles have been so great. Having large babies with c-sections can often cause the stomach to be weaker and building those muscles back to health is important.

At my age keeping my strength means keeping better health and the older we get the more our muscles give up if we don’t use them. Also, backs become weaker, arms become weaker and having a Soalpha ball has been one of my best buys and I am so happy to be writing this blog post to help those of you who want to be stronger and fitter.

Body and Mind Health

Here at Body and Mind Health, we enjoy bringing you equipment reviews that will truly help you, without having to go to the gym, without having to buy costly equipment and most of all to give you peace of mind that you are looking after your body.

I’m not saying that the Soalpha ball is the best thing to use, however, I can say 100%, I have felt 100% more healthy using mine, without hurting myself and without overdoing my exercises. Gently moving around or using the bands to put some pressure on my legs, back and arms, this ball has helped me so much and I highly recommend you try it.


Thanks for stopping by today and thank you for taking the time to read through my post. I hope also after you have used the ball for a month or 2, you will come back here or email me to share how you are feeling.

Make sure you drink lots of fresh water as well because as you know your body is made up of mostly water so you nourish all those organs and cells with a good amount of water every day.

Eat a good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, use the Soalpha ball and go well.

fruit and vegetables

Until my next post remember: You have only got one body so love it and care for it wisely so you get to enjoy longevity with loved ones and doing the things you enjoy.

So many people think they will be ok as they age but the truth is, if you don’t keep moving, and doing some form of exercise, your body will not last as it will if you look after it and by using the Soalpha exercise ball daily, you will notice a remarkable difference to how you feel and I look forward to your stories once you have used the ball.

Bye for now


Vicki Crawford






Owner of Body and Mind Wellness

12 thoughts on “So Alpha Exercise Ball – Is it suitable for everyone?”

  1. Actually reading this article really offers some good insight on whether I should be using an exercise ball or not. I never thought of it and to be honest it seems kind of refreshing to use this as it could spice up my routine in the gym or at home. I will be bookmarking this page as well since I think it may be a good present for my family in the future. 

    • Hi Ian and thanks for stopping by

      Yes it would make a great gift for any members of the family and fun to use as well

      Health and wellness to you all

  2. Hello vicki, good one here but I must say that it feels rather unconventional relaxing and at the same time, get fit. Well! considering the health benefits attached to the use of the Soalpha exercise ball, I would consider getting this. I personally like the fact that it has no age restrictions and with that, anyone would be able to make use of it at home. Great one here.

    • Hi Roddarick

      Yes, I found it weird at the beginning but now I love sitting and working and also strengthing parts of my body that are weaker from arthritis and having worked so hard physically

      Please let me know if you enjoy the ball as I would love to hear more stories

  3. Hi Vicki,

    Another great review from you! I like the way you are thorough about your reviews!

    Although I’m not a fitness “freak”, I have been recommended to look into Fitness balls and your review couldn’t come at a better time! 

    I’m not 61 years young like you, but neither am I 20 anymore! The So Alpha seems to be a very good option for someone like me. Thank you once again for the info provided!

    • Hi Walter

      I love my ball and it is so easy to use. I love sitting on it while I am working and also my back is stronger from the gentle exercises I do

      Let me know how you get on please

  4. This is something new! I have tried most of the exercise aids in my time, from the wobble board, step and ball. I do like this idea though especially with the stability ring and the resistance bands. It makes the ball into a much more versatile exercise aid. The ball working your core to keep you stable on the ball whilst you exercise with the bands – a dual experience!  The fact the ball isnt going to move anywhere makes it more useful for older pilates visitors who may not feel stable on just the ball. My mum who is 84 goes to pilates and will only use the ball if she is lying down with her legs on it, the sudden movement of the ball if she is sitting on it is an issue but this would be ideal for her. 

    • Hi Helen

      This would certainly be ideal for your Mum and I hope she gets one to use and also I would love to know how she gets on with this ball.

      I am 61 and being steady feels so much easier for me as well although I do move around on mine without the bands sometimes as this is so relaxing and good for the body at the same time

      Let me know how you get on with MUM, please.

  5. Hello Vicki, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I was looking to buy one of these exercise balls for my wife and you definitely convinced me to decide for So Alfa. I like it can help with shaping the whole body, my wife will be surprised, thank you for doing a review on this, surely helped.

    • I’m sure your wife will enjoy the So alpha ball very much and please share by coming back to tell me how she goes when she has experienced all it can help with

  6. The question that kept popping to my head was that do I have a need to make use of something as this So-alpha exercise ball. But come to think of it, it seems to be a very great idea to do something pleasurable and also blend it with keeping fit. this is seriously interesting and would be worth checking out. I like the design structure and how it is also a DIY thing. this seems interesting enough to me.


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