Why Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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I spend loads of time researching products before I share them here at Body and Mind Wellness but today I have to say is one of the easiest products I have reviewed and the reason is because I love Himalayan Salt Lamps and it is my pleasure to share why I love them and why buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Aside from being such a beautiful item for your home, the Himalayan Salt Lamp has so much it can do for you and your wellbeing so let’s get into this in more detail now.

Salt Lamp

Why Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt is incredible and has been alchemized for over 200 million years into an energized crystalline form in a  process similar to how coal turns into diamonds.

The 84 minerals in this salt are in an ionic form which is molecular instead of colloidal like regular sea salt. It is, therefore, more easily absorbable and much more use-able by our bodies than any sea salt.

Research has shown: “The researchers reported that neg-ions without any other treatment (that is, no drugs) seemed to cure attacks of asthma and bronchitis more quickly than drugs, antibiotics included… children treated with neg-ions were less prone to ‘rebound attacks’ (relapses)… the scientific report said that the tests ‘demonstrated that atmospheric ions have an effect on infants, especially those suffering from asthmatic bronchitis.

Less scientifically, they found that the babies didn’t cry as often and as loudly as they did in normal air.”

The Ion Effect, by Fred Soyka, p. 57, 1991.

The Benefits continued:

By placing a Salt Lamp ner wi-fi, televisions and other electrical appliances, in fact, anything with EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) as it is said these EMF’s high in positive ions have been known to reduce our serotonin levels and can cause cancer, fatigue, lethargy and a host of problems we face today.

Salt crystal lamps have the ability to generate negative ions neutralize these EMF’s which is extremely beneficial to your health in the home.Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • 84 Essential Minerals
  • Helps Psoriasis and Excema
  • Detoxes and cleanses skin and organs
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Remineralizes the body which boosts immunity
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial

Using the Himalayan salt in your cooking, to bathe in and to have as a lamp in your home will bring you so many beneficial results and also the Salt Lamo will bring you calmness and harmony. When you buy a lamp always ensure you keep it on so it continues to work. The light inside the lamp helps the workings of the lamp so also have a spare lamp on hand to replace the lamp when needed.

Always keep your lamp on to keep it working for you.

Sometimes water will form at the base because the salt lamp does not generate negative ions.

Salt Lamps are “hygroscopic,” which means that they attract moisture… humidity… airborne water molecules; it is a natural property of sodium chloride (hygroscopy).

Since they do not generate the negative ions, they need a heat source (in this case, heat from an incandescent bulb) to accelerate evaporation,

Many people also buy the lamp as a beautiful source of light “they can be sold as living energy sources which emit a healthy glow, ranging in colour light-waves of oranges, yellows, reds and apricot.

The ambient light creates a soothing feeling that helps with relaxation, stress, attention deficit, autism, sleep and more.

salt lamp bowl

I love the Salt lamp Bowl and how gorgeous would it look on a table in your home? Healthy living and with such a gorgeous addition is a win-win for anyone wanting to cleanse and detox the home. Body and Mind Wellbeing at it’s best. 🙂

The Serenity Bowl Himalayan salt lamp is a hand-crafted bowl filled with raw, unshaped Himalayan salt crystals that haven’t been exposed to air in millions of years.

These beautiful Himalayan salt lamps offer an incredible calming glow and are great for diffusing your favourite essential oils and breathing easier.

You get the power of ionization, energy and aromatherapy all in one Himalayan salt lamp and each lamp is one of a kind. colours, tone, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures.

Each lamp also comes complete with dimmer cords and light bulbs.

Rare White Himalayan Salt Lamp

Rare white Salt Lamp

Depending on the colour you enjoy for your home there is also the rare white salt lamp to place in your bathroom, bedroom or elsewhere in your home to give you all the same benefits as the pink or amber lamp and being white will go with any colours in your home and looks amazing as it is different to most that are sold in amber and pink.

Fairtrade, handmade Himalayan crystal salt lamps are a beautiful way to enhance your environment and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing soft warm glow in any room of your home or office. Equal parts home décor and wellness tool, this Himalayan salt lamp (made from 250 million-year-old ancient salt crystal) emit an ambient glow and negative ions which naturally recharge the air and reduce allergens.

A truly excellent Company with Integrity and excellent work practise.

So Well import all of our salt through a long-term direct relationship that creates mutual accountability. Their partners observe fair trade principles including 25% greater than average wages and human rights such as rest breaks, chilled water, protective clothing, safe working environments and medical care.

You can be assured that their talented craftsmen are respected and cared for as valuable members of the So Well team.

You are helping people by shopping with So-Well and also helping yourself.

Before I go

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy adding a salt lamp to your home to reap the benefits of these wonderful healing products.

There are many places that sell salt lamps but buying a quality well-made lamp using the right salt is vital if you want it to benefit you and your loved ones so shop at So Well and get exactly what you want.

So Well also has a large range of other products, including table salts, bath and body products so go take a look at this awesome company and enjoy shopping for yourself or people you care about. Click the link below to see what else So Well offers you.

So Well

Until next time, go well and remember Body and Mind Wellness is here for you.

Salt Lamp

Vicki, signing out until next time

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  1. Hello Vicki, such a nice thing directly from nature. The benefits that comes with this salt lamp goes beyond just the normal beautification reason and that alone makes it really nice. I have just come across this nice art, and it’s being able to help with sleep alone is catching and just leaves me to wonder how great nature is and most importantly how lucky we are to be humans.

    • Hi Benson

      Yes, these natural beauties are so helpful to our health and wellbeing and I love mine and what it does in my home.

      Thanks for your comment this morning and go well and enjoy the new year ahead

  2. Hi Vicki, I really enjoyed reading about these Himalayan Rock Lamps. I’ve seen then in some health shops and thought they gave off a great light but I didn’t know how therapeutic they can be until I read your post. They sound terrific for my busy electrical life and for a relaxing light. 

    I will be going to the shop on your website to have a look at buying one and share this post. It was so informative. 

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I love all the beautiful pictures on your site as well.

    Lily 😊

    • Hi Lily

      I am sure you will love all your lamp brings and I hope you come back and share your experience once you have your salt lamp

      Enjoy and thanks for commenting

  3. Hi Vicki
    Thanks for the great read on these lamps, something I’ve always wanted to buy for my home. I’ve recently been to the Halo Salt rooms in palmerston north and also learnt more about the therapeutic qualities of the lamps.
    Definitely a must have item and if anyone gets the chance 45mins in the salt room is serene along with therapeutic.


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